head_workthe pre-consultant

This section outlines the work I did prior to becoming a consultant – the foundation on which my current practice is built.
I worked with children and young people, in formal school settings and informally as a youth worker, and became familiar with both government systems, and with the structures of NGOs and charities: with volunteering, working with steering committees and governing boards, and serving on such boards myself.
I then moved to the Red Cross, and worked on the domestic UK side before moving back to international work – based first in the UK, and then in Turkey, Zimbabwe, and Sri Lanka.

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Employment history

Country Coordinator

July 2005 to July 2008
Leading the British Red Cross response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami in Sri Lanka
Representation, leadership, strategy and programme design for post-tsunami and post-conflict environments
Rapid switch from recovery approach to emergency relief during the conflict and displacement in the east of the country
Management of large diverse and dispersed team; security management
Coordination and networking in complex partner environment
Programming in livelihoods recovery, disaster risk reduction, shelter, and first aid training

Acting Head of Region

June to September 2004
Leadership and management, including technical support, coordination, and strategy development to the 10 RC National Societies in Southern Africa,
Lead the development of coordinated regional plans, appeals and budget 2005.
Oversee a nine-country, multi-donor HIV & AIDS programme, and other operations

Head of Delegation

July 2002 to July 2005
Represent the IFRC in Zimbabwe at country level
Contextual analysis, risk analysis and strategic planning
Represent the Federation in Zimbabwe
Situation analysis and strategy development
Management of Federation relief and recovery programmes; fundraising
Capacity building and support to Zimbabwe Red Cross
Regional responsibility for security
Act as HoRD during frequent absences and for 4 months between post holders

Project leader, Erzurum Disaster Preparedness and Logistics Development Project

July 2001 to July 2002
Set up and run an earthquake preparedness project in partnership with the Turkish Red Crescent in eastern Turkey
Represent BRCS in Turkey
Oversee tendering and construction contracts
Help BRCS develop guidelines and processes for bilateral operations

Desk Officer, East and Horn of Africa

March 1998 to July 2001
Develop, present, and deliver BRCS’ strategic plan for the region
Identify, support, monitor and evaluate appropriate programmes
Build and maintain relationships with RCRC partners in E Africa

National Youth Officer

January 1997 to March 1998
Developing a Youth Action approach, allowing young people to design and deliver meaningful services and responses, within the Red Cross framework in the UK

Coordinator: VSU Youth in Action

April 1994 to December 1996

Working with young volunteers, supporting them to deliver valuable and cost-effective community services in Tonbridge, Kent.

Volunteer: Oxfam and VSO

May 1993 to March 1994

Resource Officer, Curriculum Development Unit (VSO)

March 1991 – March 1993
Project proposal and approval of new project by VSO
Production of innovative and appropriate teaching and learning materials.
Design and delivery of in-service training across 16 rural districts of Zimbabwe

Head of Science, St Charles Secondary School, Zimbabwe

January 1988 to January 1991
VSO post. Also responsible for timetable; acting deputy head, 1990.