fishingA participatory, consultative process

Producing written guidance is not just about documenting good practice. In some cases we can build on reviews of good practice, but in some cases it’s not even clear what good practice is.  Or it’s clear what general good practice is, but it’s less clear how it applies to the context or framework under discussion.

In such cases, a strong participatory process supports a better product.  Two heads (usually many heads) being better than one.

And then it needs to be written down.  Clearly, simply, and without jargon.  Ideally with tables and diagrams that explain and help understanding.  With examples that people can follow up independently.  And bearing in mind that people learn in very different ways, and trying to make the product as accessible as possible.

The following contracts all involved researching and producing good practice guidance

Urban feedback on Sphere revision

2017Facilitator – Habitat for Humanity GB
Role: Facilitate a gathering of urban experts to provide feedback on the first draft of the revised Sphere Standards

Sphere Handbook: revised introduction

2017 Author for Sphere Project
Brief: consult, research and write a first draft Introduction for the Sphere Handbook 2018 revision, working with a wide range of thematic leads and technical experts.

Sphere and NDMA

2016 Revision of guidance for the Sphere Project
Role: Review and revise advanced draft guidance on the use of Sphere standards in work with National Disaster Management Agencies.

WFP guidance for work in urban settings

2016Researcher and writer – for the World Food Programme
Role: Produce guidance on urban programming for WFP, and feed into developing policy, ahead of the Habitat III summit.

Framing the next Sphere Handbook revision process

2016Analyst and writer – for the Sphere Project
Task: Consider a range of factors influencing the next revision process and make recommendations to the Sphere management and Board.

Sphere in urban settings

2015Author and researcher – for the Sphere Project
Task: Develop additional ‘unpacked’ guidance for the Sphere Project, this time exploring the use and adaptation of Sphere standards for humanitarian projects in urban environments.

Cash and Vouchers in School Feeding, WFP

2015 Researcher, analyst and author for WFP
Main task: Identify the areas of coherence and the opportunities presented between school feeding, social protection, and cash and voucher programming. Write practical guidance for country offices.
Innovation: analytical framework for classifying school feeding programmes, subsequently used as a template for guidance.

Use of CTP in Gaza

2015-2016Sole consultant – for Oxfam and the food sector
Main tasks: undertake two research components and multi-agency technical support into cash-based emergency responses for INGOs working in Gaza.
Innovation: new participatory approach for exploring beneficiary preferences in detail

Sphere for Evaluation

2014Author – for the Sphere Project
Main task: Write practical guidance on using the Sphere Handbook in evaluation of humanitarian action. Combine this with the previous guidance on Monitoring to produce a single volume.

Estimating beneficiary and user numbers for assets built with WFP assistance

2014Sole consultant – for WFP
Output: a proven methodology to count ‘tier two’ beneficiaries of WFP assets created through CFA, and guidelines for country offices and partners

Review of Partnership Guidelines

2014 Sole consultant – Analysis and guidance for ICVA
Outputs: analysis of UN-NGO partnership agreement and production of guidance for NGO implementing partners.

Early Warning, Early Action

2013-14 Sole consultant – for a consortium led by IFRC
Research and analysis: How can drought warning be better linked to flexible finance, contingency plans and resilience building?

Pakistan Simulation Exercise: country-wide flooding

2013 Team Leader – for IFRC and the Pakistan RC
Tasks: Design of simulation materials; management of facilitation team; facilitation of 3 day event; lead lesson learning workshop and document.

Sphere 4 Monitoring

2013Author – for The Sphere Project.
Task: Development of practical guidance supporting better use of Sphere Standards in monitoring humanitarian programmes.

Cash Transfer Programming

2012Sole consultant for IFRC
Tasks: revision of online CTP training; training delivery; development of internal advocacy materials on CTP

Technical support to cash transfer programming research projects

2011Sole consultant – for CaLP
Key tasks: Selection and management of consultants for research projects into contingency planning and market assessment; review of toolkit materials.

Developing recovery surge capacity

2011 Analyst and author – for IFRC Geneva
Objective: Build on experience from Pakistan and Haiti to develop recommendations for rapid deployment of technical recovery staff to emergency operations.

Household Economic Security Training II

2010Lead facilitator, handover – for BRCS
Key tasks: Revise curriculum, and facilitate second round of training; produce full training pack

Develop Strategic Plan for India Red Cross.

2009Author – for IFRC and Indian Red Cross
Key task: Support the finalisation of the 5-year strategic development plan

Guidance: Early recovery programming in conflict environments

2008Author – for BRCS
Output: Note for practitioners