Cash and Vouchers in School Feeding, WFP

This was a substantial piece of research, analysis and writing for WFP.

The core question was how could the developing base of cash programming within WFP be applied to one of their largest and most traditional programme areas: school feeding.  It turns out that school feeding is an incredibly diverse programme area, and itself evolving as the focus shifts to social protection and support to developing government capacity.

The guidance itself is built around a new and innovative analytical framework that allows project planners to classify the programme purpose, context, and capacities against a wide range of criteria, each set out in objective levels.  These then steer programme decision making and reduce the number of possible programme design options to a manageable number.

After the successful completion of the main mission in 2015, a follow up mission has been agreed in 2016 which will look at mapping the resource transfers and control points in 12 different school feeding models.

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