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CBP project design: urban and rural voucher projects

2009 Sole consultant with local team – for IFRC, Zimbabwe and Danish RC
Key tasks: design an urban and a rural voucher scheme to address food insecurity issues, including a comprehensive monitoring framework, and develop the supporting ECHO proposal.
Innovation: the rural milling voucher at a time when there was very little currency in circulation

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Acting Head of Region

June to September 2004
Leadership and management, including technical support, coordination, and strategy development to the 10 RC National Societies in Southern Africa,
Lead the development of coordinated regional plans, appeals and budget 2005.
Oversee a nine-country, multi-donor HIV & AIDS programme, and other operations

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Head of Delegation

July 2002 to July 2005
Represent the IFRC in Zimbabwe at country level
Contextual analysis, risk analysis and strategic planning
Represent the Federation in Zimbabwe
Situation analysis and strategy development
Management of Federation relief and recovery programmes; fundraising
Capacity building and support to Zimbabwe Red Cross
Regional responsibility for security
Act as HoRD during frequent absences and for 4 months between post holders

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Resource Officer, Curriculum Development Unit (VSO)

March 1991 – March 1993
Project proposal and approval of new project by VSO
Production of innovative and appropriate teaching and learning materials.
Design and delivery of in-service training across 16 rural districts of Zimbabwe

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Head of Science, St Charles Secondary School, Zimbabwe

January 1988 to January 1991
VSO post. Also responsible for timetable; acting deputy head, 1990.

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