Evaluation: voucher programme for food insecurity

This innovative collaboration between WFP and Oxfam GB seeks to improve the quality of the diet of a select group of WFP’s regular beneficiaries in Gaza.

The conditionality associated with the voucher is justified by the focus on specific foods and the objective of improving dietary diversity.  Over time it has evolved from a paper voucher to an electronic card, encashed through a POS machine in selected shops.

At the same time, the project seeks to strengthen the productive sector in Gaza, working with producers of dairy products (for example) to meet standards and increase production levels: local produce can struggle to compete with high quality imports.  The impact on local market systems and the multiplier effects are both documented.

It’s a great project, and in the 2015 war (well after this evaluation) the Value Based Voucher (as it is now called) was also used as a platform to deliver unconditional cash to people affected by the conflict.  The evaluation report, from the early days of the project, can be found on the CaLP website here.

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